Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday I had no classes to teach at the Bead and Button Show. It gave me the chance to arrange the class supplies/kits and recipes, in separate boxes, one for each day. It will be sweet to just grab the supplies for the day and run. Motoko looks forward to steak when she is stateside. We enjoyed a delightful and delicious dinner at the Milwaukee Chop House at the Hilton. The waiter was kind to take our photo.
Tuesday I had a chance to visit with several beaders I see only annually, here, before teaching Fireflies at Sunset. Everyone loves Amy's bead colors. Using the same bead soup of drops, I wove one using black eights. Guess that one is Fireflies at Midnight. It went well with everything I wore and fit nicely with the complex cane felt beads necklaces I wore.

This is Kimie Suto. She is seen beading my Glass Bead Inspired Lariat in Wednesday's class. Notice the poster next to her beading mat? Motoko made it for her to promote the necklace class she is teaching Sunday morning. Here is a photo of her :double core, classic necklace.
You've read about Motoko Natsubori many times here before. She was at B&B to interpret the Japanese bead teachers' classes. She translated their directions for the kits and helped them understand the contracts and correspondence by management. She translated MASTERING BEADWORK and interpreted all my classes when I taught in Japan in January 08 and 09.
Kimie finished the lariat in class! After teaching an additional session Thursday, I'll deliver kits featuring Nancy Tobey's gorgeous lampworked bead to her booth.

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