Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bead adventures in NYC

Today I met up with Bert and Dana to share various beadyness.

You may recall reading about them twice before in this blog. First time was when I met them at Beadfest last year. Their booth featured their bead carrying/ project storing invention called "string-a-long". They gave me a set: specially designed beading mat with attachable clear plastic bead project bags. Very cool. Check cut their website. Then we met again at Beadfest this August. This time we enthused about Tulip Co., Kazue and Kang from Tulip and their silky crochet hooks that we love. Kang and Kazue are working hard to make their Sucre hooks, designed especially for bead crochet, available in the U.S. And it must be said that we admire the c.e.o. of Tulip, Harada-san, for putting young women in positions of power in his company.
Bert and Dana teach beading and are best known for their bead crochet designs and kits.

Check out Dana's firepolish lariat. I love the graduated bead sizes and, hard to detect in the photo, her subtle color transition. It would be wonderful to see them teach at the Bead & Button Show in June. They are still waiting to hear. Meanwhile, you can always catch a class with them in Manhattan. Happily i can say that they will be coming to the Bead Blast next month!
We had a ball visiting and reveling in how kindred our spirits are. Plus Dana and I share the same birthday, though a few years apart. Small wonderful world.
Bert went out and bought an iPad after Beadfest, when I shared with her the way it has rocked my world. We shared a couple app recommendations over lunch.
Dana had to dash off after lunch. So Bert and I consoled ourselves with an excursion to York Beads, my fav bead store in NYC. Perry (owner York beads) had sent Dana an email during lunch about the recent arrival of a fire-polish shipment from Czech Republic.

Guess you could say we got first dibs.

I chose a few of this and a few of that and the entire supply of one of them! Not to be greedy. No! It is so that I can kit the design I will make with them so you too can have one.

Here's Perry helping put my purchase together. Quite an investment but, it avoids the despair of tracking down beads JUST LIKE those used in a project that needs to be kitted.
Bert saw me back to Grand Central Terminal. What an amazing place. I could spend a few days there happily looking at all there is to see. When we arrived and checked the departures board we were surprised to find I had 2 minutes to get to track 30. Honestly, I didn't even make a dash for it. I'd have been perfectly amused shopping at the food market or bookstore there before heading home. That said, it was delightful to plunk down into one of the few empty seats JUST before the doors closed.

Tomorrow in the studio class I'll share these new projects using the pillow and trillium beaded beads. Thursday at Beadzo I'll share these or that new dagger necklace Janet shared with Mary.
Don't forget that in 2 weeks it is time for New York State Sheep and Wool Festival.
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