Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabulous fashionistas of Forum

Again this year at TAFTA (The Australian Forum of Textile Arts), legend Jean Carroll was recognized and applauded as she presented another of her outstanding hats to collector Jude Skeers.

Please forgive me Jean for sharing this candid shot I stole of you on our last day at this year's Forum.

The previous time I taught at Forum, in 2008, was when I met fellow tutor Jane Slicer. It was a delight to run into Jane at TNNA in Columbus Ohio last year. Though she wasn't teaching at forum this time, her work was evident everywhere I looked. Here are two of her famous designs being worn by two Forum participants. Wish I took a picture of Jenny, owner of Jelly Beads of Mogo in her beautiful Jane Slicer swing coat.

Fellow tutor Makiko Tada! shown displaying her students' works at week's end, has written several books on kumihimo. She has worked for NASA, producing materials that are astonishingly strong yet lightweight, composed of high tech modern plastic threads combined in complex kumihimo braids.

These are the discs she invented to teach kumihimo braiding without necessity for the traditional weaving stool called a marudai.
I have seen these sold at bead shows in the U.S. When I asked Makiko whether those I've seen are hers or knock offs, she tossed it off lightly with a smile. Generous teacher, lovely woman...most days seen wearing Issey Miyake.

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