Friday, April 8, 2011

Fiber Earring Challege Results

Its been my recent honor to be asked to jury several exhibits or challenges. Each challenge cited a list of criteria and a rating scale. All the numbers are added up to determine rank. So no one piece is rated against another. They are regarded individually on their own merit. When it was the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) I had a disc of photos of the works, most taken by the artists. Can't stress enough the value of great photos. Professional bead artist Robin McLaughlin of Stonecrop Beadwork once told me years ago, regarding the photographs she used when submitting to art and fine craft shows "i'd almost rather sell the PHOTOGRAPHS of my work, than the actual WORK". One entry for ISGB still haunts me. The piece hung on a jewelry easle that was propped awkwardly on a shiny wooden stool. The international beadwork was a secret site on the web, password protected.

I'll share the international beadwork competetion results when Perlen Poesie magazine publishes them.

Meanwhile click on THIS LINK to see the results of the fiber earring challenge. I triedto paste them here but, it didnt work.

Off to teach the 4th day at Jelly Beads......

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