Friday, April 29, 2011

Springtime at Bead Gallery

Don't ask me HOW I just cleared this posting but.... Here it is again, sort of.

Jamie ( who you may know from previous posts) surprised me by coming to a bead workshop, when I would have only expected to see her in a felting one. And you know what? It HUMMED at her. She was in the bliss we all feel when building beauty with thread and one little bead at a time.

Vicki beaded 4 inches before I noticed she'd devised her own stitch. So she put it to rest on the mat and quickly caught up to the other beaders making the twisting dagger lariat. Speedy Beader!

Betty was our brandy new Beader in the afternoon class. She succeeded with this project, a new version of an African stitch, and should be real pleased with herself. Not the easiest start to a bead stitching career.

Patty checked over the firepolish trunk show that Genevieve brought in for this weekend! Get there quick before she ships them off.

Irene was tickled with her pillow beaded, swinging like a pendulum.

Donna reminded me that she had taken a workshop with me at Beadfest 8 or so years ago. It was the Felted Flower Lariat. My hiatus from Beadfest has lasted a couple years and I am teaching there again this August. Hope to see you there.

Tori Bradford, owner of Castleander Beads in Hudson NH joined the evening workshop. Genevieve teaches in her store regularly.
It was a fun and productive day. Some toughed it out, taking all 3 sessions with me. And some I'll see allll weekend. Honestly, I'm in this for the affection. What a great way to make a living, a life!!

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