Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Mogo

Yesterday the beaders at Jelly Beads did the Elements of Beadwork workshop.

Here is Jude's. Mind you, she revealed that she is new to beading stitches, but she is one QUICK study!!!!

Ann finished this one. She was teased for being a speedy beader. She would intensely concentrate on the beadwork and occasionally enjoy a brief but of socializing.

I learned about TimTam Explosion, TTE for those in the know. Bite the cater-corners, dunk it into tea and draw tea into the biscuit by using it like a straw. When it is saturated, pop it intoyour mouth before it explodes with chocolatey goodness! There you have it .


  1. Hi Carol check out

    There a number of videos on YouTube demonstarting the TTE (or Tim Tam Orgasm or Slam).