Monday, October 19, 2009

Here are the pics from the NY Sheep and Wool Show that I promised yesterday. I just COULDN'T get them to upload. This is Marlene in her booth Marlene's Felting Madness. She has a wealth of felting supplies and fibers.

She pointed out her "self-portrait" hat, featuring a felted teacup complete with sparkling sugar cube! The fabulous critter to the left is a signature sculptural project taught by Hungarian feltmaker Judit Pocs. But, last year Judit was unable to honor her commitment to teach at the Midwest Felting Symposium and, when asked if she knew another European feltmaker who would step in for her, she sent Annemie Koenen in her place. (If you click on Annemie, ask for translation of website). After teaching at the symposium, Annemie taught this workshop on Judits behalf at a specially scheduled workshop that followed at Susan's Fiber Shop. Annemie and I were roomates during the symposium and became fast friends. As editor of the Dutch felt magazine, tijdschrift: Viltkontakt, she asked me to write an article that tells my story of how I came to feltmaking. We were hoping to teach together in Germany and Holland in 2010, and realize that it is more likely for 2011.

I too knew Judit, for we both taught week-long workshops at Fibres Ballarat, in Australia last April. Our adjacent classrooms were separated by wonderful plate glass windows so we could watch the creations taking place in both areas. Her emphasis was hats, while mine was felted and beaded jewelry. I'll try to get some photos from our teaching adventures in Oz into a blog post soon. I went on to teach in Orange at another fiber conference called Tafta Fibre Forum, after a weeklong trek across the Lake Mungo region with several other fibre artists. Cindy Feinstein is wearing the bracelet she made in my workshop in North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival. When we split after the short and sweet workshop she was less than thrilled with her piece. Having had the luxury of time to work on it a bit more, she is proud to show me her final work.

Our neighbor's booth, Artisan Buttons, gave us much eye candy. Her punch needle embroidered buttons are spectacular.
She said she might see me at Kinokuniya Bookstore next Sunday for the 2-5pm workshop. Hope so.
Fran and Jamie are sisters who also share a passion for feltmaking. They are wearing their nuno felted neckwear. Jamie's, on right, was made in the workshop at Bead Gallery Inc last weekend in Salem NH.

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  1. Thanks Carol! You've inspired me to get out my roving and plunge it into my dye pots so that felting can begin. It was a pleasure to be your neighbor at Rhinebeck...