Monday, October 5, 2009

I accompanied my friend Mary Jo (Ice Pond Spinner) to the First Annual North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival in Ridgewood. We worked together setting up her exhibit of roving, yarns, spindles and books, and then she worked her "booth" and I taught 3 workshops.
Here is that pentagon pendant again. Elaine made hers in siam 2ab, shown here strung on 24K gold plated flex-rite beading wire.
Jill wanted a purple pendant to wear to a wedding. She used vitrail ab and emphasized the purple glint by stringing it with purple cylinder beads and crystals.
And while we're talking about color nuances, these two pendants are vitrail. Their beaded chains are identical SAVE the size 8 bead between each crystal. The khaki 8s used in the one on the right lends a bronzey appearance. The silvery look of the one on the left is acheived by substituting the khaki bead with a teal one. I love these subtle color tweakings.

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