Friday, October 16, 2009

Today I helped Susan set up her booth at NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. We are joined by Susan's longtime dear friend Nancy Slye. Many moons ago, The Wool Room began as a joint venture of Susan's and Nancy's. Then Nancy went off and had parallel fiber adventures in Virginia while Susan became the Wool Room that has so profoundly touched many of our lives.
About Susan I say this: Susan is the center of my fiber universe. Yeah, sure, I was a knitter and beader and crocheter. But, the day I bought my spinning wheel at The Wool Room is the day all fiber bliss broke loose. She sat me down at each of the wheels and together we found the ONE that hummed at me. Alternate Tuesday evenings were sacred, for this is when the spinning group met at her place. These spinners became my circle of dear buddies. Yes, that was when it all reallllly began. Fiber conferences became my "vacation". The more I learned, the more I experimented, and eventually, the more I forward to my fully felted and beaded blissful life! Thank you Susan!
Both Susan and Nancy are discounting their inventory at the show, vowing this is the last one. Mary Jo ( you remember her from the posting a couple weeks ago) will take the reins so to speak. She is just embarking on her fiber business, Ice Pond Spinners, as Susan winds hers down.
When we finished setting up we walked the grounds. Check out this sweet sheep. Is she in costume? Incognito? Cute.
Elm Grove Fiber Arts booth is setting up an impressive display of needle felted figures.
Suzanne Higgs caught my attention as we whizzed past her booth. Check out her fine hats. She told me she is collecting felt blogs. She is Hooked On Felt.
We ran into Lisa from Spinner's Hill. She has the yummiest fiber, all hand dyed and delicious. When I asked her if Teresa is working with her this weekend she told me that Teresa May O'Brien is teaching all weekend, has her own booth ANFD had been instrumental in building the yurt on display for the weekend. I snapped this shot for you.

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