Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a couple more to share from last weekend's NY Sheep and Wool Festival. This is Kimberly D'Auria ( of D'auria Designs. She is a feltmaker from Wallkill NY. She is a regular exhibitor at S&W.
Barbel Eggers is peeking over the top of her triple-award winner skirt. She enters hand felted items into the competition every year and every year she wins many ribbons. This skirt won several all on its own.

The Rail Trail over the Hudson, a former railroad bridge, has exceeded all of the state park's expectations in popularity. It opened a couple weeks ago and has been teeming with people everyday, even in Sunday's wind and rain. We were there on a Tuesday! in the afternoon! and we wondered where all the people came from. We drove up and down the access road looking for parking nearer the entry. A car from Indiana pulled out and we pulled in. (We were there for a walk but, not a walk along the access road!) The foliage is magnificent, though one can imagine a fine walk here at any time. When the snow flies won't it be beautiful here? Wondering if there will be cross country skiing? Hmm. Lovely.
Midway out, looking south, the Mid-Hudson Bridge. The tracks below on the right are for freight and a couple trains passed while we were on the trail.
Not wishing to compromise people's privacy, I waited until there was a lull in the foot-traffic before taking this shot of the trail. It is wide cement separated with rubbery joins. There is a fence along the sides that provides a sense of sefety but doesn't occlude the view. There were entire familes, babies in strollers, a bazillion dog-walkers, college groups, seniors, wheelchairs and in-row skaters.
There was even a cowboy on his horse. When we inquired about that, the park patrol staff replied that since it is new, there are going to be those who will test the limitations. There is no signage to forbid such things yet and perhaps it will come to that. Dog-owners, with one exception I noticed, had picked up after their dogs, if it had even been necessary. But, who would be picking up after the horse??? Yikes!
Tourists to the Hudson Valley will likely add this to their list of excursions. And for those of us lucky enough to live nearby, it is a walk to be repeated regularly.

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