Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24 Tokyo

Today was my final day of demonstration at this International Great Quilt Show in Tokyo.

In a window of free time, I took in some of the quilt exhibit. The Christmas theme quilt above took first place. If they had asked me...

the blue ribbon should have gone to this one. Some of the detailed graphics are accomplished with pieced fabric but, an astonishing amount is embroidery. Shoko and I both guess it is hand done. Gorgeous.
I squoze in a brief visit with Motoko Natsubori (interpreter for my classes at Coronet, and translator of Mastering Beadwork and Felt Idea Notes) and exchanged the briefest greeting with Takuma Ito (owner of Coronet).

Once again we feasted after our work was done. This time it was a wonderful restaurant Akimi Harada, my hostess, had been to previously. We were met by the owner, who described the days' offerings. Though I didn't understand but a word or two, I knew he was saying fabulous things, by the way my companions listened with rapt attention and reacted with full animation and enthusiasm. Oh yes, this man knows his food. We had several amazing little plates of "I wish I knew" and then shared this platter of 8 raw fishes...each one from a separate area of Japan coast. Another culinary adventure. is 1 am so I must say, otsukaresamo desu....and I'll be back tomorrow, after teaching at Kiwa Seisakushyo.
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