Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 27: today I will fly home

There is no doubt that I will sleep on the plane on my flight home. By the time I packed, itemized the contents of the bag I will check and posted a quick blog entry it was past 3:30am. Mayumi, Masami and I agreed to meet before work today so I could teach them Dutch Spiral.

We are crazed beaders, we are. Here we sat in the hotel lobby, in our beaded bliss, fitting in one last bead lesson until we meet again. It is a fine way to start any day.
Tulip is bringing me some fresh, exquisitely manufactured beading needles they just are introducing. When I am back in the studio I will share more details. Long story short: in June Tulip product development department inquired what type of needles I use, like, avoid etc. I answered all their questions and added the list of specs that a beading-needle-of-my-dreams would have.

A month ago Tulip sent me a package of their new beading needles. I used them exclusively during this time. Before jumping to a quick conclusion, I wanted to try them for a few miles of beadwork. I am ready now to say, without equivocation, that these ARE those dream needles.
1. The point is sharp enough to wedge into tight spaces but not so sharp that it will split the thread.
2. The eye is designed for easier threading, and its smooth oval shape does not snag or abrade the thread.
3. I asked that they be firm and straight, yet flexible enough to bend without snapping. This needle is flexible and bends easily to fit into tight spaces and then springs back to straight. It does not become curved or, worse, s-shaped, like cheap needles.
4. It is smooth and polished to easily glide through the beads.
5. And I hadn't included this in my dream-needle description: the size 11 and size 10 are slightly different lengths. The Beader can easily compare length to determine size instead of having to distinguish by diameter which is size 10 or 11. Brilliant.
6. Size 13, though it is very fine gauge as you would expect, can accommodate size 10# Fireline easily, and pass through size 15 seed beads 5 times.
Oo, I could enthuse for a dew more minutes but, I must add a few packages of these precious beauties to my suitcase, so you also can have them. Check my website in a couple days or call me.

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