Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Autumn is thrilling to me. Each day the colors of my surroundings change, plus the air smells crisp and sometimes fruity.
Someone shared with me the iPod app called irodori. It breaks a photograph down into color tiles. Ya know, like those little squares of color at the paint store. Here is a shot of one of the most striking oak trees I have seen:

Usually I expect oak to just go brown, eventually. This one is sweet and delicate and the leaf color is amazing. Here is that pic rendered into little color tiles by irodori.:

Isn't this cool? The Beader in me ( by the way, every time I type Beader into my iPod it capitalizes it. Interesting. Like it recognizes it as a proper name or even a, dare I say, religion. ) As I was saying, the Beader in me is constantly breaking down so much of what I see, or imagine, into color blocks or even smaller: beads. And here is an app that makes it possible for anyone to break any sight into its colors. Well, anyone with this app. I invite you to send me an image (as an email attachment). I will momentarily store it in my iPod and process it with this app and either send it as reply or post it to share here, your choice. Www.carolcypher@gmail.com

The new necklace that drew all my attention over the weekend is set aside as i respond to the need to whip up another Fireflies at Sunset necklace.

The sample I sent out to Studio 34 sold! So, Marilynne asked for another. I'll be teaching there November 20 and 21. Join me? You too can whip up Fireflies necklace. The kits for the Sunset version rendered in Amy's bead color choices, are still available. In it's place, this coming year at the Bead & Button Show , I'll be teaching Fireflies at Midnight:

A few of the regulars at Beadzo have asked to make the Trillium and Pillow Beaded Beads at the November 11 class.

Call the Tivoli NY store to reserve your seat 1-845-757-5306. The new necklace that occupied me this weekend sprung from these beaded beads. And here is a convertible necklace/bracelet I designed with them last month:

Fran will be arriving at the studio any minute so I better get on with it. Enjoy the colorful and transitional beauty around us. -posted using BlogPress from my iPod

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