Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to Bead Gallery Inc

The car is packed and ready to head to Melrose MA, new location of Bead Gallery Inc. Every 6 months or so I teach new workshops here, often squeezing 5 into a long weekend. Among the beaders there and myself, is the private joke that owner Genevieve Martineau is my muse. Frequently she'll suggest a
topic or focus or interest for the next time, and I design a project to fit the bill. I love it. For example, last time I was there I taught "A Bevy of Bezels"

And this time I'll teach a project that utilizes them:

This time I'll teach beaded beads on Friday. In the afternoon we'll make intricately beaded beads like those i made that landed on the cover of THE ART OF BEADING STITCHES: 9 AMERICAN BEAD ARTISTS

following the morning workshop of the Pillow and Trillium Beaded Beads.

Perhaps I'll be invited back to teach Twirling Trillium lariat, the brandy new project that uses the trillium beads plus teaches new techniques to create twirling versions of beading stitches.

I promise not to keep all the goodness to myself. I'll keep you posted during our exciting weekend. Until then...
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