Friday, October 8, 2010

Right after spending wayyyyy too much time blogging, Sylvia e'd me asking "where did the pictures go?". I have no idea but for most of the day an x marked the spot where the photos had been. Alas, they have returned. Mysterious.

This shot of Janet, taken in the studio class, captures her vibrant beauty AND her bright, bubbling spirit. And as though her presence were not enough, she brings brownies. Not a cakey brownie, not a fudgey brownie, not a box brownie... Oh NO! These are the BEST brownies we've ever tasted. And don't bother to ask her for the recipe. I understand it is a guarded secret.
You've read about her and her beadwork often in this blog and you might also know her as BoomerangPro. She and her husband make and sell beautiful and comfy, turned wooden-handled crochet hooks and beading looms.
Notice her necklace? She is wearing one of a series of necklaces she's created using the 3D triangle components I taught a few years ago at Bead Emporium and at the Bead & Button Show .

Also in the studio class, Jill completed this necklace. It is a shorter and simpler design for her aunt, that she spun off from this one I taught her a few weeks ago:

Last night in the Beadzo class, Ginny brought the wall hanging she had mentioned a couple weeks ago in class, as being her only beadwork until now.

Each cut and pieced square represents a significant aspect of her son's life and is composed mostly of his neckties. She explained that the bear and white buffalo...

...held special significance to her son.

She used silk to create a feather.

This block is for her grand-daughter, his daughter.

Wish i could speak more intelligently about this piece. Piecework is not work I know much about but, even I can identify several techniques she employed in creating this memorial: french knots, quilting, piecing, bead and ribbon embroideries. She told us that she'd investigated having this motif machine embroidered but, upon hearing the price, she added hand embroidery to her skill set.
Lovely lovely work that her granddaughter will treasure always and a precious testament to her son's life.
So here I sit here with goosebumps, reflecting on the amazing life I have, spent in the company of creative and delightful women, sharing and doing all the things I love to do. Thanks for allowing me to share bits of it with you here.

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