Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Bead Gallery workshop

Genevieve arranged for our large workshop to be held at the beautiful Beebe Estate building.

The Beebe Estate provides gallery space and is currently exhibiting photography, sculpture and furniture. Genevieve and I both admired this carved and painted box.

A couple beaders were already bead crocheters and now allllllll of them are. It was very satisfying to see them "bang out" a few inches.

When everyone felt confident with the crochet, they bezeled one of the two rivolis.

The selection of rivolis and an entire trunk show of firepolish made for some great choses. It is always a delight to see the various color combinations in play. Amy would love Nancy's fuchsia rivoli and spotted black firepolish combination.

Stacey worked in gunmetal gray and blues but, has the supplies for a few more.

The gold fumed amethyst firepolish are lovely but proved a bit pesky to string onto the crochet cord.

Wish the colors were true on this picture. I wanted to share Vicki's bead combo. Her silver lined topaz, gold amethyst luster and silver lined dark topaz were the most exciting combination I've seen in a while. The way the gold and amethyst enhanced and underscored each other was unexpected.

And one last note about color...Stacey wore this necklace and explained that it is mostly copper beads. Over time, the copper gave way to this verdigris. Beautiful.
Joan had to get to her Packers game, trick and treaters would be out and about and so we wrapped up promptly at 4pm.
I'm back home, unpacked and eager for our weekend of April 30th...felting and beading.
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