Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let me catch you up on Friday

Last night I shared every delicious moment with you about my workshops at Bead Gallery in their new location, when alas... it all disappeared. So I'll try to catch you up so tonight I can report on today's creative joy. As is our habit when I teach at Bead Gallery every 6 months, we devote an ENTIRE day to squeezing in 3 short and sweet workshops on Friday and then two full day on Saturday and Sunday.

Dionne and Genevieve (left to right) are beading their Pillow beads. Dionne, a regular at Bead Gallery when it was in the former New Hampshire location, is delighted to have the store nearby now. Most everyone benefited by this move...

...except Rita, in red, who said it IS still worth the trip.

Annette and Claudia (left to right) joined us for the afternoon and evening sessions.

Annette wore this bracelet which I asked to share with you. She said the peyote base is from a previous workshop I taught at BG.

Here are a few of the Intricately Beaded Beads from the afternoon workshop. I was stunned to see so many beader's finish it in such a short time.
Some Indian dishes were delivered and a few of us had supper together.

The evening right angle weave project taught the double needle method and was all about bling. Beaders chose fron the gorgeous selection of Swarovski crystal. Can you believe it if I say I love love love sand opal? Honestly. Claudia finished hers. The color is Padparadcha cathedral.
So let me wrap this up with the snap of the last few beaders I captured before they all got away.

Karen, Patty and Priscilla are between Claudia and Genevieve.
Check iu the cool window dressing Gen did for Halloween.
Ok...sort of caught you up.
More about today's class later.
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